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The Truth about Vaccine Safety

The Truth about Vaccine Safety

truth about vaccine safety

Posted at Based Underground: U.S. Surgeon General, Rockefeller Foundation Announce Big Initiatives to Address ‘Urgent Threat’ of Vaccine Misinformation” By Megan Redshaw

Editorial Comment: Concerns about the truth can easily be addressed in the exercise of free speech, through education, in the dissemination of true and transparently verifiable information, and with freedom of choice.

The clear objective of Democrats today is to control both information and outcomes. If the true concern were for health and safety in the face of this virus (or any other), far more attention would be paid to offering a wide variety of preventatives and therapeutics available to all people based on their individual health and medical needs, religious beliefs, and even their personal preferences.

These would include hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. There would be recognition of post-recovery immunity. We would encourage the healthy use of supplements including Vitamin D which is routinely addressed by doctors with patients trained in the practices of traditional western medicine.

Alongside this, there would be no effort to silence those who object or report adversity of vaccine outcome. In fact, we would train people far and wide to make detailed reports of their experiences, and those of their patients. There would be vigorous disclosure designed to help every person make the best choice for him or herself in the context of the greater public health concern.

We can encourage health and wellness, and the best outcomes for all people, while still preserving freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and individual liberty.

Only in efforts like these can we “work together”. Why instead do authorities attempt to silence important conversations, run interference, encourage peer pressure and even punishment, and demand that everyone – no matter any other concern or consideration – conform to a “one size fits all’ vaccine rule when “one size fits all” has never been the standard for the highest quality of healthcare.

Why indeed….

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