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Great Titles in The Reading Room

Welcome to the Reading Room. Here you will find books of interest regarding current events, the heroes of today’s investigative journalism, and fantastic material on preparedness and survival. These volumes are offered through our outstanding affiliate partner, Biblio, and your purchases help support the work we do.

New Releases and Current Issues

The newest releases by our favorite authors and conservative thinkers. Edgy. Confrontational. The truth. Not your typical mainstream media material. Find out what today’s greatest conservative minds are saying, and doing, to preserve our freedoms and our very nation.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism is a safeguard, and the journalists who practice it in pursuit of the truth are our sentinels. Their work is often difficult, and sometimes dangerous. In these times, it is especially so – and yet these intrepid reporters persist. We’re thankful they do! Below you’ll find 13 excellent selections. We hope you’ll support this work which – in a world overrun by corruption – is more important than ever before. By informing ourselves and others, exposing wrongdoing and hypocrisy, and demanding the accountability of leadership at every level, we can restore integrity to our Constitutional Republic. We thank you also for making your purchases through our Books-a-Million affiliate because these also support and make possible the work we do for you at Professor Preponomics.

Survival and Preparedness

Pandemics and contagions. Natural events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires and floods. Acts of terrorism, biological, kinetic or nuclear war. Cycles of the earth and the universe in which we live including solar weather and EMP events, solar excursions, the Grand Solar Minimum, and Ice Age Survival. Why do some survive while others do not? Learn about survival skills, a comprehensive survival strategy, and advance your understanding of survival psychology. Your knowledge, the ability to execute a sound survival plan in a time of crisis, practiced skill sets, healthy perspective and grounded personal psychology are all fundamentally important to your success – and survival – in a time of true catastrophe.

Additional Title Favorites

Below are additional favorites of Professor Preponomics. Some of these titles may not be available through our affiliates, but are critical to understanding the world and universe we live in, what we can expect in the future, and how to prepare as much as possible for very interesting times. Check back frequently to see new additions to this section and to The Reading Room.