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Welcome to the Professor Preponomics Website. We hope you enjoy the articles, information, important news and resources developed for you here at Professor Preponomics, and that you will visit often. Here you’ll learn about how and why you need to live a prepared life, and we hope you’ll join in the journey. Understanding that each of us comes to preparedness from diverse backgrounds, with varying levels of experience, and with a unique set of resources, you’ll find that we try to develop something for everyone – and that we do our level best to encourage ongoing development and forward progress in every good endeavor!

Weekend Homework

Weekend Homework

It’s Friday! Hoping you have great plans in the works for the weekend, and want to share with you a little bit of “Preponomics Homework” to inspire your thoughts, and encourage the ongoing development of your preparedness plans.

First the background, and the question follows…

Background: Preppers understand that even the best efforts cannot prevent every adversity, and are typically found building skills and stocking supplies with the goal of surviving a disaster “after the fact”. They’re wise to do so because there are no good substitutes for practiced skills and a solid stash of supplies. These are essential when navigating forward through a survival scenario. Even so… Preppers, many of whom understand risk aversion quite acutely, all too often fail to engage preventative efforts where those involve political and cultural concerns. A serious danger in this is that there is no true escape from the environment that surrounds us all. While preparing to survive the aftermath of any catastrophe, we should also do everything we can in the present to prevent such a catastrophe from unfolding. Prevention is our first place position as people committed to preparedness.

The Question: How can you maintain your preparedness efforts and survival planning while simultaneously working to prevent the very adversity for which you are preparing? HINT: Survival is one of those pass-fail kinds of courses. A passing answer shall not include “there is nothing I can do”.

For discussion, check out our GAB.COM and our BRIGHTEON.SOCIAL pages. Stay safe everyone!