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Survival Plan — Weekend Homework

It’s Friday! Hoping you have great plans in the works for the weekend, and want to share with you a little bit of “Preponomics Homework” to inspire your thoughts, and encourage the ongoing development of your preparedness plans.

First the background, and the question follows…

Background: In this week’s Class Notes, we organized our thinking around the Form and Function of preparedness planning, supplies, and training. We focused on Function, and considered questions important to equipment, the development of skills, redundancy, maintenance, and repair. Function is important because it takes us to a much more advanced understanding of preparedness. A solid stash of supplies is important, but without a deeper understanding of how things work and why, having “the stuff” scratches only the surface of what it means to be prepared.

survival plan

Together we’re covering a topic that spans a whole lot of territory. We’ll unfold it together over the course of the coming weeks. Today’s Weekend Homework asks our readers to add the dimension of time to the redundancy, renewability, and sustainability aspects of supplies and systems. We must give thoughtful consideration to how each of the areas of critical infrastructure fare across the time horizon.

While we tend to think of emergencies in the context of immediate action, we must also consider and lean into the implications of survival over the long haul.

The Question: How should a comprehensive preparedness and survival plan be guided by an understanding that crisis may come with both an immediate or “acute” phase, and a longer term “chronic” phase? HINT: Think about how best to move across time from a position that relies on redundancy to a position that is prepared with renewable and otherwise self-sustaining systems.

For discussion, check out our GAB.COM and our BRIGHTEON.SOCIAL pages. Stay safe everyone!