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Raising Chickens – Happy Hens for the Backyard or Barnyard

Raising Chickens
Chickens at the local watering hole

Raising chickens for the backyard or barnyard is a fun and important part of prepared living. If you’re thinking seriously about becoming a prepper, achieving as much food supply self-sufficiency as possible is surely high on the list of your priorities. Access to nutritious food is fundamental to building a solid foundation for life, and the ability to produce it supports tremendous peace of mind. Delicious, nutritious farm-fresh eggs are one important way to accomplish all of these goals.

Living a prepared lifestyle for many years now, we have learned a lot about raising chickens, the joys (and challenges) of free-ranging birds, and budget benefits of having your own fresh eggs every morning. We would like to share some of this knowledge with you. The circumstances of each reader may vary, and adjustments to ideas and options may be important too for anyone who might like to raise and keep their own chickens. As with almost everything about prepared life, there is no “one size” that fits all! Prepared life is as unique among preppers as people are, one to the next!

Let’s get started.

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