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Prepper Lists

Prepper Lists – A New Way to Think About Preparedness Planning
Prepper Lists
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Prepper lists are everywhere! They keep us organized, provide important reminders, make our planning efforts more efficient, and are easy to write, review, and update along the way. Within the preparedness culture and community, lists are wonderfully and terribly familiar. We are grateful for them even as we wonder whether the lists on which we rely are truly complete.

In addition to comparing, contrasting, merging and purging lists, let’s consider a new way to think bout preparedness planning. As you contemplate your supplies, and how best to shore these up, imagine a specific activity or supply item.

Sometimes it’s best to start with a simple example, and one that leads to a broader understanding that can be applied to the bigger preparedness picture.

Let’s start with shoes. Shoes? Sure! Shoes. Spare pairs of shoes and boots are key preparedness supply items, and would be especially important if there were an interruption to supply lines for any reason. We wear these everyday, and we need them.

Beyond the shoes or boots themselves, we ought to consider accessory items that are important to functional use, comfort, care and keeping, and longevity. Think shoe laces, shoe inserts, and shoe repair kits.

Imagine getting ready for the day… Before slipping on your shoes, you’ll be sliding your feet into socks! Your plans for shoes and boots among your resources should include a solid stash of these. Include soft socks, wool socks, ankle socks, full length socks, and socks that support circulation.

While you’re contemplating your feet, be sure you have good ankle supports, nail trimmers and other pedicure care kit tools and supplies, corn pads, ointment and bandages for blisters.

Repeat this process through the activities of a usual day, week, month, season, and year. Use the same approach to imagining emergency scenarios, or as you step-through dry-run training exercises.

Think comprehensively with an eye both to overview and to detail. It’s a strategy that extrapolates well to a whole host of preparedness concerns, and should be considered in every aspect of your planning. Your goal should be to fill in the gaps, discovering (and remedying) these now while you have the opportunity to review, revise and refine your planning – and not in a time of true emergency.

Remain steady. Stay well. Be safe, everyone!