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Critical Infrastructure — Preparedness Planning

Class Notes

Critical Infrastructure — Class Notes

As we begin the new week, let’s build on the most recent Weekend Homework, and continue our conversation, and our preparedness planning, with a focus on critical infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure is any feature of a system or site that is vital, and the loss of which (partial or complete) would have serious (even severe) adverse affects on health and well-being, safety and security. Although this subject is usually covered in the context of national security, critical infrastructure is important on all levels – and should begin with each and every individual person and household. In fact, our national security is made stronger when preparedness is made part of the broader culture, and is the commitment of every individual and family.

By organizing our critical infrastructure thoughts into Form and Function, we’ll have a way to structure our thinking around “what is needed” and “how it works”.

We’ll start with Form, and the usual categories preppers cover in the acquisition of important supplies. This will stand in summary format for easy review, and will be covered in greater detail at a later date. Our focus today is on Function. Let’s get started.

  • Safe, Breathable Air
  • Safe, Drinkable Water
  • Shelter from the Elements
  • Nutritious Food
  • First Aid and Medicines
  • Security and Personal Defense
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Communications

Function moves our thinking from our checklists of supplies to more advanced levels of preparedness. We’ll review next the overarching categories related to Function, and then follow up with additional development of the subject, our supplies, and our skills.

Critical Infrastructure
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Initial Training, Cross Training, Ongoing Practice
  • Redundant, Renewable, Sustainable Systems
  • Maintenance, Replacements, and Repairs

Now to the thoughtful questions we should be asking next. Resources are all the more valuable to us when we have a full compliment of related supplies, training, practiced skills, and the capacity to replace or renew various and sundry tools and equipment.

Equipment and Supplies

Do I have equipment and related supplies appropriate for use in a variety of circumstances, and levels of urgency?
Have I covered those areas that are universal to emergency preparedness?
Have I considered any unique circumstance, situation, or risk — perhaps something specific to my geographic area?

Initial Training, Cross Training, Ongoing Practice

Have I practiced using my equipment and supplies? How often should I refresh my skills?
Do I have a library of manuals with well-written and detailed explanations and instructions for use, maintenance and/or repair?
Have I cross-trained on the equipment and supplies with other family members, neighbors or friends?

Redundant, Renewable, Sustainable Systems

Do I have replacement equipment, and renewable supplies?
Are the tools, equipment, and supplies I have sustainable – and under what conditions?

Maintenance, Replacements, and Repairs

At what level do I need outside assistance for maintenance and repair? Is this a system I can learn to maintain and repair independently?

There is a lot of information to digest. There are many ideas to consider. Coming with the next installment of Weekend Homework will be additional discussion as we work together to advance our preps!

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