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Solar Kill Shot – We Were Very Lucky This Weekend

Solar Kill Shot – We Were Very Lucky This Weekend

Posted at Suspicious Observers: “Two Powerful Solar Events Erupted From The Sun. They Both Missed Earth, And We Are Very Lucky They Did. The Solar Maximum Is Building Now, And Earth’s Magnetic Field Continues Weakening.”

Editorial Comment: The sun has become very active, and we’re just at the beginning of the current sunspot cycle. We’ve already had two near misses in the last two months, plus a surprise geomagnetic storm that no one saw coming. The Earth’s magnetic field is significantly weakened, and our electrical grid is very vulnerable to a direct hit from one of these solar storms. The eruptions that just missed us were extremely strong and dense, and may have been even more powerful than the blast that hit us in 1859 known as the Carrington Event.

You can learn much more about the sun, it’s effect on our weather, and the 12,000-year cycle that will affect the lives of everyone on our planet at the Suspicious Observers website. THIS is why we prepare, and why you need to as well.

solar kill shot

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