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Violence in South Africa – Disturbing and Dangerous Developments

Violence in South Africa – Disturbing and Dangerous Developments
violence in south africa

Editorial Comment: News outlets continue to report disturbing, difficult and dangerous conditions in South Africa. The violence, looting, destruction and murder is breathtaking in it’s scope. These are stories that could also be coming to the United States, and in fact, we saw some of this in the riots and looting, the massive property damage, and the injuries and deaths caused by lawlessness last summer.

Pray for all the people of South Africa. Pray for all the people of the United States. Pray for all the liberty loving, freedom seeking people of the world who long also for peace, but are facing civil unrest and even potentially civil war.

Posted at Zero Hedge: ““It’s a War Zone” – South Africa To Deploy 25,000 Troops as Country On Brink of Civil War” By Tyler Durden
“In the past seven days, South Africa has never come closer to becoming a failed state. The riotous looting has reduced Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, the two provinces hit hard by the social unrest into what resembles warzones.”

Posted at Zero Hedge: “Over 70 Killed as South Africa “Crumbles” Despite Military Intervention” By Tyler Durden
“South Africa could be on the verge of collapse, and all the warning signs are there. The looters have targeted foreign shops, shopping centers, distribution centers/warehouses, and raided gun shops. Shortages are emerging in food, fuel, and ammo.”

Posted at the New York Post: “At least 45 dead during mass looting, rioting in South Africa” By Lee Brown
“Shocking videos showed hundreds of people swarming through shopping districts and climbing up through almost completely empty shelves. Some malls were even torched.”

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: ““Mayhem” in South Africa: Mass Riots and Looting after Former President Sent to Prison, Army and Militia Deployed, Police Using Live Ammo on Roving Mobs” By Richard Abelson
“Widespread violence, rioting and looting broke out across South Africa over the weekend, following the sentencing of former President Jacob Zuma on corruption charges. Police were seen participating in looting.”

Posted at South Africa Today: “Farm murder of Brendin Horner investigation: 5 cops, 2 animal brokers arrested for stock theft” By South African Police Service
“Five police officials between the ages of 28 and 40, and two animal stock brokers between the ages of 30 and 50 were arrested in the early hours of 14 July 2021….”

Posted at Brighteon: “Situation Update, July 15th, 2021 – South African Chaos Will Come To America…” (VIDEO)

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