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Geomagnetic Excursion Effects – Preparing for the Future

Class Notes

As we work through the coming week, let’s build on the most recent Weekend Homework, continue our conversation, and our preparedness planning, with a focus on the importance of long term survival planning including low tech solutions as key components of our critical infrastructure.

The modern world teaches us to believe that we can access what we want or need quickly and with relative ease. Our lifestyles have been built around the concept of convenience, and it works as long as all systems and supply lines are humming along smoothly.

It’s terrifying to think about what might happen in the face of a true catastrophe. We are, in these times, wholly unprepared.

Geomagnetic Excursion
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We get glimpses into the results of disaster when we confront severe weather including blizzards or tornadoes, geological events such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, solar activity or meteorite impacts, fire, major accidents, crimes against people and property, acts of war, and acts of terrorism.

Yet none of these rise to the level of the cyclical cosmic catastrophe coming… the Geomagnetic Excursion.

Preparing for the coming Geomagnetic Excursion requires that each of us confront our dependence on modern technologies that may quite suddenly cease to exist, and on systems and supply lines that are far too fragile. In earnest we must develop emergency survival skills, be able to provide for life sustaining necessities including nutritious food and clean water, be ready to render first aid, to build or rebuild shelters – and using ancient strategies, to renew our resources and live self-sufficiently.

Here are a few ideas to help each of us, and all of us, to work forward… We’ll take a closer look at each of these areas over the coming weeks.

  • Consider preparedness planning across a timeline, and dedicate resources to immediate survival, intermediate survival, and long term survival. As part of this, study the relative risks and benefits of your current location. Be prepared to survive water incursion, and have a plan to evacuate as needed, and quickly reach high ground.
  • Develop an emergency plan. Review and refine it periodically. Be sure the emergency plan is in the hands of the family members and close friends with whom you’ll want or need to communicate and coordinate quickly.
  • Gather and keep a wide variety of basic tools.
  • Think carefully about how you will preserve, protect, and sustain animals including pets, farm and ranch animals. Consider adding animal helpers to your survival plan. You may want horses or donkeys to assist with travel and farm tasks including the future plowing and planting of fields.
  • Learn to garden, harvest and store seed. Be prepared to adjust the varieties you grow should weather conditions change with any major shift of the poles and the planet.
  • Know how to make water safe and drinkable. Think about rain catchment and water storage strategies.
  • Learn to render first aid. Update and expand on your emergency medical supplies.
  • Learn to build shelters, even primitive shelters, which will buffer exposure to the elements. Develop shelters above and below ground. Be prepared to survive extreme temperatures including both cold and heat.
  • In every decision, think low tech and long term survival.

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