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Top 10 Survival Supplies – CLASS NOTES

Class Notes
Top 10 Survival Supplies – CLASS NOTES
survival supplies

As we work through the coming week, let’s continue our conversation, and our preparedness planning, with a focus on the importance of writing, posting, communicating, and practicing family emergency plans.

The following is a practical exercise… How does prioritization aid and support my preparedness efforts to organize supplies for my BOB or Get-Home emergency bag? If I had to choose just 10, which tools and supplies would I prioritize? Could I limit the list to 5? What if I could have as many as 20?

The great benefit of a challenge like this one is that it forces each of us to think about what we need and why, what we can do without, how we can use substitution or choose supplies that have multiple purposes and functions, and more.

The fewer the maximum number you allow yourself, the harder those choices will be to make. You may want to begin with the greatest number, and then pair from there. Start with, say, your top 20 choices, then work to 15, then to 10, and then to just 5 in your survival go-kit. You can also work this exercise with categories or clusters of items.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, compare your list to your existing preps. Is there anything you need to add, adjust or improve?

Here are a few suggestions to consider for your top survival supplies… there are actually many more than 10 suggestions. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does provide a springboard from which to consider your own survival supply lists.

  • Water proof containers and dry bags
  • Matches or other fire starters including a tinder box
  • A cold rated sleeping bag, water proof shelter, hammock, and tarps
  • Water straws, water purification tablets, and clean water supply
  • Portable food supplies, ready-to-eat and just-add-water, and reusable utensils
  • A carefully considered first aid kit, and personal hygiene supplies
  • A respirator for breathing protection
  • Personal defense gear which might include pepper spray, and a personal firearm
  • Fishing line, twine, even tow ropes
  • Maps of your local area, state, region, and country, and a compass
  • Radios and batteries, solar chargers when possible
  • A whistle, signaling mirror, flare gun, and emergency cones or other markers
  • Flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and candles
  • Fuel in various forms for lighters, grills and cook stoves, vehicles, and even wood or pellets for in home stoves
  • A utility knife, and other hand tools
  • An axe, sturdy but lightweight, a splitting maul, a shovel, a fire extinguisher
  • Good quality shoes including boots, a water proof rain poncho, protective clothing for periods of cold

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