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Preparedness and Prioritization – Weekend Homework

The weekend is here! Hoping you have great plans in the works, and want to share with you a little bit of “Preponomics Homework” to inspire your thoughts, and encourage the ongoing development of your preparedness plans. For our Weekend Homework, let’s consider prioritization as an important aspect of our preparedness planning. First the background, and the question follows…

Preparedness and Prioritization

Background… Prioritization is an important skill, and one that benefits from practice, refreshers, and sometimes new ideas or perspectives. It helps us focus, develop plans and strategies for completing projects and achieving goals, and helps us invest our time most wisely and efficiently. Prioritization is important in the usual activities of every day life, and acutely so in emergency situations. Prioritization is also essential to preparedness. It may be especially helpful to those who are just discovering prepper life, and find themselves overwhelmed by the long lists of “what to do” and “what to acquire”.

Remember Professor Preponomics’ words of wisdom: “Living prepared is a life-long learning process. Let’s get started!”

Here are a couple helpful prioritization tools you might want to consider…

1. The Pareto Principle which argues that 20% of our efforts produce 80% of our results.

Posted at Better Explained: “Understanding the Pareto Principle – The 80/20 Rule”

2. The Eisenhower Matrix which sorts by the variables of importance and urgency.

Also called the Urgent-Important Matrix, the “Eisenhower Matrix” or “Eisenhower Box” is a decision-making tool designed to help us sort out and prioritize the tasks of life before us. It worked for our 34th President and WWII Commander in Chief, and it works as well in the organization of our daily duties, in our preparedness planning, and is also an excellent tool for use in emergency situations.

The Questions: In working through prioritization as a thought experiment… How does an exercise like this one help me to organize my preparedness projects? Through the process, what did I discover about my thought patterns, and existing strategies or approaches to the tasks before me? Are there ways in which I can improve the ways in which I prioritize, and advance my progress? Were there any surprises?

A Thoughtful Quote to Share…

To change your life, you need to change your priorities.” – Mark Twain

HINT: Survival is one of those pass-fail kinds of courses. A passing answer shall not include “there is nothing else I can do”. There’s a lot you can do. Let’s get started.

Remain steady. Stay well. Be safe everyone!

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