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Weekend Homework

It’s Friday! Hoping you have great plans in the works for the weekend, and want to share with you a little bit of “Preponomics Homework” to inspire your thoughts, and encourage the ongoing development of your preparedness plans based on the news last week of the Colonial Pipeline attack.

First the background, and the question follows…

gas shortages

Background: Over the last several days, gas shortages resulting from the shut down of the Colonial Pipeline fuel delivery systems have sounded the national security alarm, and provided important warnings. This is an excellent opportunity for us all to review not only our individual strategies for maintaining access to fuel, but also to consider our emergency plans for all critical infrastructure. Failure of any aspect of critical infrastructure can lead to dangerous, and potentially unrecoverable, conditions. Remember: critical infrastructure is not just a national security issue to be attended by the government. It’s an issue that affects us as individuals, families, and communities – and one we must proactively address as part of our preparedness planning.

The Question: What steps should be taken to secure the critical infrastructure that protects, supports, and sustains my home and family? Here are a few suggestions…

Fuel for Vehicles and Other Transportation

  • Am I keeping a full tank of gas in every vehicle?
  • Do I have a least 4 high quality gas cans filled, stabilized and safely stored?
  • Do I have alternatives to transportation by vehicle?

Household Systems and Security

  • Do I have a generator in place and a sufficient fuel supply to keep my refrigerator and freezer running in the event of a power outage?
  • Do I have access to drinkable water and the ability to purify water if needed?
  • Do I have sufficient food supplies, and the ability to prepare meals for an extended period of time if the power goes out?
  • Do I have rigorous home security measures in place, and the capacity to protect and defend my family and myself?


  • How will I communicate with family, friends, neighbors, or emergency services personnel if I cannot access my cell phone or the internet? Have I considered quality two-way radios for short distances, and a good HF radio for communication over long distances?

Health and Wellness

  • Do I have an extended supply of prescription medications on hand as well as first aid supplies?

HINT: Survival is one of those pass-fail kinds of courses. A passing answer shall not include “there is nothing I can do”.

For discussion, check out our GAB.COM and our BRIGHTEON.SOCIAL pages. Stay safe everyone!

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