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Election Integrity Matters

Election Integrity Matters

Election integrity matters because true and lawful balloting is the decision-arm of a voter’s views. The act is an expression of the voter’s will. It is a right enshrined and protected within our Constitution, and fundamental to our Republic. It is so important to the preservation of this nation, representative government, and human liberty, that election integrity should be a great concern to all Americans, no matter their political stripes. From within every community, and across the nation, we must restore election integrity.

With all of this in mind, and beyond existing measures, much more work is needed:

1) Ballots should be preserved under protection of the law for an extended period of time such that all challenges can be fully reviewed, processed, and adjudicated outside the influence of political appointment.

2) Ballots should be routinely reviewed and audited for count, signature matching, chains of custody, improper or machine-printed completion, and more.

3) There should be generous provisions for observers, and well-defined protocols for raising and resolving all objections. No ballots should ever be processed without the presence of observers from both major parties, with persons placed such that ballots can be directly and reasonably observed.

4) Appropriate documentation demonstrating citizenship and other eligibility requirements should be required at the time of registration, and photo identification with signature matching should be required at the time a voter’s vote is cast at a legally allowed polling place.

5) Remote drop boxes should be disallowed, as should any form of ballot harvesting.

6) Strict rules should govern absentee ballots, and ballots should never be mailed to any voter who has not made such a request in writing.

7) Voting rolls should be routinely updated such that those are deceased, or have moved, or for any other reason are no longer eligible to vote in a particular jurisdiction, are removed.

8) All systems that have been or can be connected electronically (by any means) to outside sources should be immediately disallowed and excluded from use. No exceptions.

9) Voter fraud and election fraud should be vigorously prosecuted.

10) All officials who participate in every aspect of the election process should work under the requirement of transparency and accountability with stiff penalties to include criminal prosecutions for violations of the law.

The U.S. Constitution: A Reader

By Hillsdale College Politics Faculty

Featuring 113 primary source documents, “The U.S. Constitution: A Reader” was developed for teaching the core course on the U.S. Constitution at Hillsdale College. Divided into eleven sections with introductions by members of Hillsdale’s Politics Department faculty, readings cover the principles of the American founding; the framing and structure of the Constitution; the secession crisis and the Civil War; the Progressive rejection of the Constitution; and the building of the administrative state based on Progressive principles.

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