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Devin Nunes Expects a Damaging Report from Special Counsel John Durham

Report from Special Counsel

Devin Nunes Expects a Damaging Report from Special Counsel John Durham

Editorial Comment Our Republic relies on the true and reasoned investigation of concerns related to Constitutional protections, and to the prosecution of those who have committed crimes. Spying on political opponents is absolutely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

If the news reports are correct, what happened here appears to have been an intentional and coordinated effort involving many people, and often in positions great political power. If this turns out to be true, those responsible must be held to account according to the laws of our country. Closely related to spying on a political appointment should be the Deep State undermining of Donald Trump as the sitting and sworn President of the United States in the course of his first term, and the mounting evidence of massive and system 2020 election fraud.

My belief is that there is tremendous corruption causing rot within our government and our culture. We have a lot of work to do to clean that up, and to right the course of our great country. We are equal to this task, although there are long and difficult days ahead. Take heart. We are on the right side of history, and we are closer to victory than we might imagine.

Posted at Sara A. Carter: “Nunes: John Durham report is coming, some people will go to prison”
“After speaking with Nunes, I’m hoping he is right. I just can’t imagine how the United States can remain the Republic it was intended to be if the Justice Department fails to uphold the law and charge those responsible for the crimes they committed against the American people.”

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