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Spring Gardening and a Few of Our Favorite Gardeners

Spring Gardening

spring gardening

Spring is here, and fresh new starts are springing up in gardens – big and small – everywhere. You’ll find below a sampling of some of our favorite gardeners, their sites, and educational videos. We hope you enjoy their tutorials as much as we do, that you learn lots, that you’ll help to support their ongoing work, and that your gardens produce nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season.

Each of these gardeners brings informative and insightful content to interested learners. Learn to grow in-ground, in raised beds, vertically, hydroponically, and in greenhouse environments. Have fun with sprouts and microgreens. Discover new plant varieties, experiment with companion planting, and troubleshoot challenges in your quest to become an ever better gardener. Grow everything from salad greens to potatoes, and so much more.

Gardening is a wholesome hobby with great rewards – fitness and fun and a food supply. It encourages physical activity, and there is a whole lot of joy in the success of the harvest. Gardens also help to build a safety net with access to affordable food grown from seed. Given the price pressures of inflation, and the risk of interruptions to supply chains, successful home gardens yield delicious edibles, and peace of mind too.

Let’s get started!

Curtis Stone at The Urban Farmer

Curtis Stone’s Educational Videos

Luke Marion at The MI Gardener

Luke Marion’s Educational Videos

James Prigioni at The Gardening Channel

Mark Valencia at Self Sufficient Me

Mark Valencia’s Educational Videos

Mike Adams at Natural News

Mike Adams’ Video Channel

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6 Tips and Tricks to Producing Your Own Gardener’s Gold – The Art and Science of Composting

Here are 6 Tips and Tricks to Producing Your Own Gardener’s Gold. You’ll discover that composting is both an art and a science, and there’s a lot to learn. The more you know, the better your odds for great results in the garden. We are wishing everyone success in their growing endeavors, and are always delighted by stories of home grown fresh produce – delicious, nutritious, and lots of it!

Spring Garden Starts – 8 Tips to Help You Succeed as a Beginning Gardener

It’s spring and time to sprout those spring garden starts! The risk of frost will soon pass for most of America, and you’ll want to make the most of this year’s growing season. Experienced gardeners are already busy tending to this year’s gardens. If you’re new to home gardening, we have tips to share that will help you get started early.