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Wisconsin – It’s Time to STAND UP

Wisconsin – Election Integrity Matters

Election integrity matters to every legal voter. It’s time to stand up, Wisconsin. Defend the Republic. Raise your political voices. Demand a FORENSIC AUDIT that will reveal the truth of the 2020 election. We cannot secure the integrity of future elections without revealing the election fraud of 2020. The fraud of 2020 must be revealed in total, and made transparent to the electorate.

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Republican Legislative Members’ Actions Show They Believe the 143,000 Biden Ballots Dropped at 3 AM on Nov 4 Are Fine” By Joe Hoft

Recommendations from the article:

1) What the people of Wisconsin need to do is demand the legislature hire an audit team that will forensically audit the ballots in Milwaukee and other locations as recommended to confirm the validity of the ballots.

2) Secondly, the legislature should demand that the state of Wisconsin provide the chain of custody documentation for every absentee ballot.

3) Thirdly, the Wisconsin legislature should abolish the indefinitely confined status for some voters.

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