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Military Confrontation
military confrontation
This photograph taken on October 16, 2019 shows US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets multirole fighters and an EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft (2nd R) on board USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) aircraft carrier as it sails in South China Sea on its way to Singapore. (Photo by Catherine LAI / AFP) (Photo by CATHERINE LAI/AFP via Getty Images)

Posted at the J.R. Nyquist Blog: “Are Russia and China Igniting a Third World War?” By J.R. Nyquist

From J.R. Nyquist’s Article: ““It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States….” He explained that COVID-19 was “a test” that is “bad for Europe and America” but “beneficial for China and North Korea.” Then Li spoke of China being “ahead of schedule” in terms of overtaking the United States. “The U.S. will not survive,” he predicted.”

“The West is caught up in trivia. Always in search of new ways to misperceive dangerous developments that are unfolding before our eyes, we cannot discern what our enemy is after.”

Editorial opinion: The importance of J.R. Nyquist’s substantive essays cannot be overemphasized.

The United States is facing internal chaos strategically created by pro-Communist agitators. Military confrontation appears imminent given the provocative movements of China, Russia, and Iran. We continue to struggle with the consequences of a pandemic unleashed on the world, and strangely, we lack the courage to confront the truth of its origins, or the nature of the virus itself. Our nation suffered the breach of our governing Constitution in the form of wide spread 2020 election fraud. In the face of this, we have been unable to come together in support of truthful and transparent audits, reasonable fraud prevention, and the fundamental question of election integrity.

We are living in a dangerous world, and an especially dangerous time in history. We make conditions even more dangerous by virtue of the choices in policy and practice being made now – boldly, without shame or hesitation, and right before our very eyes. We turn from harsh realities, willfully choosing blindness. We declaw our defensive capabilities all why we decry savage assaults and the victimization of the vulnerable. We pursue the very political persecution we would have found abhorrent and intolerable just a short time ago. If we do not reconcile the conflicts created that divide us as an American culture, separate “what we do” from “what we believe”, and act to restore the values of our great nation and her people, we will surely face a devastating day of reckoning – and that day may come sooner than we imagine.

Free Speech, Censorship, and Cancel Culture

Posted at The Epoch Times: “Mike Lindell: Free, Clean Speech Social Media Site Set to Launch Monday” By Masooma Haq

Posted at The New York Post: “Social media again silences The Post for reporting the news By Post Editorial Board


Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “Liberal Law Prof Calls Democrat Effort to Pack The U.S. Supreme Court A ‘Hostile Takeover’” By Mike LaChance

Election Integrity

Posted at the Washington Examiner: “Michael Flynn calls 2020 election fights in Michigan and Arizona ‘tactically’ important” By Daniel Chaitin

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s Attorney Marc Elias Inserts Himself Into the Arizona Senate Audit of Maricopa County – Is Using His Massive Network to Broaden His Attack – What Are They Hiding?” By Joe Hoft

Posted at NOQ Report: “Jovan Pulitzer offered $10M to stay quiet about voter fraud” By Lorie Wimble

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