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Unplug Web-Connected Hard Drives — PSA

 Unplug Web-Connected Hard Drives

Western Digital Tells Customers To Unplug Web-Connected Hard Drives After Data Mysteriously Deleted

Posted at Zero Hedge: “”I’m Totally Screwed”: Western Digital Tells Customers To Unplug Web-Connected Hard Drives After Data Mysteriously Deleted” by Tyler Durden
” Ars Technica suggests that “Reading between the lines, Western Digital’s statement seems to be saying that customer accounts were individually compromised. The advice to unplug devices while the investigation continues is warranted, and users should follow it as soon as possible.””

Editor’s Comment: Always, ALWAYS back up your data to a removable, non-internet-connected device. Better yet, back it up to more than one. Hard Drives are cheap. Losing years worth of data is expensive. If you have priceless photos, documents, the novel you’ve been working on, etc. a removable solid state drive is probably the best option, although slightly more expensive, as it has no moving parts to wear out. We suggest disconnecting your computer from the internet when you are making the backup, then, after you safely unplug the device, reconnect to the internet.

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