Rise of the Apes – Flash Traffic

Rise of the Apes – Flash Traffic

Editorial Comment: The world is confronting a terrifying revelation. Our “leaders” are not only corrupt, they are incompetent. The evidence of this is breathtaking. The implications are very serious. The picture has become quite clear, not only through the COVID-19 crisis, and the mounting evidence of massive election fraud, but also now through the financial systems on which so many Americans have come to rely for their financial planning and investments.

The rise of the apes is a story worth following – it is unfolding yet another example of systemic problems so deep that they threaten the very fabric that clothes humanity in liberty. It is not the story of any one financial investment over another. It’s the story of the struggle for power, and whether the power of the world will come to rest in the hands of the controlling elite, or the free hands of individuals.

rise of the apes

Take note of the common characteristics among these stories…

  • Demands that the people of main street bow to the direction of the elite.
  • The movement of goal post standards designed to hide failures, and protect power.
  • The use of derision in an attempt to discredit, silence, and shame opposing voices.
  • The use of threats, intimidation, prosecutorial force, and the power of the state to prevent exposure of the frightful truth.

Posted at Populist Press from Steve Bannon’s War Room: Bannon: The Apes Are in ‘Holy War’ Against Corrupt Wall Street” By Elizabeth

Posted at Daily Mail: “Top Republicans demand CRIMINAL charges for whoever leaked files showing billionaires including Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos paid no tax” By Rob Crilly

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