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Solar Micronova

A Disaster is Coming

A Disaster is Coming
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Editor’s Comment: A disaster is coming. Perhaps you’ve dreamed about something like this. Persistent concerns, and thoughts pushing you to prepare, to make survival plans. Maybe you don’t even know why. Watch this, and it will become clear. A cyclical solar micronova occurs every 12,000 years, and it’s been 12,000 years since the last one. We’re due. In our lifetimes. An event like this one would dwarf the Carrington catastrophe. Many believe this is why NASA sent men to the moon — to find evidence of previous micronovas. They did. This is science, and the science is becoming increasingly clear. See the video, look at the evidence, discern for yourself. Revelation describes it, historic remnants from ancient cultures appear to have recorded the findings and experiences of the times through which they lived, and science is demonstrating it today.

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12,000 Important Reasons Why We Prepare — Flash Traffic

This is one of the best videos produced on why we prepare. 8 minutes. Worth every second.

The video is not about prepping, it is about an existential threat coming — perhaps THE existential threat coming. It’s why we prepare. This is about science. It’s not conspiracy. It’s not fake news. This is a cyclical event recurring about every 12,000 years. It wipes out most of humanity along with everything else. It is spoken about in prophecy, in The Bible, and is referenced in every religion since man started communicating and recording events. Signs that we’re on the edge of the next galactic event are unfolding before us now. This will be the EMP of EMP’s, and the clock is ticking.

The last time it happened was 12,000 years ago.

The conditions are coming together that could cripple our world’s infrastructure. Earlier this week a minor event created a major electromagnetic storm because the Earth’s magnetic field is significantly reduced, and continues to weaken.

Find out more at Suspicious Observers, and come back here to learn what you can do to survive.