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Economic Secession

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Important Issues

News covering the most important issues of this time is linked below and organized by subject areas. You’ll see that the balance of coverage will adjust with the unfolding of events and changing conditions through the days, weeks, and months ahead. Our goal is to keep our readers informed and connected with the media in ways that help everyone to build a bigger and more complete picture of the world in which we’re living – and in so doing, to encourage lifestyles dedicated to awareness, self-sufficiency, and preparedness.

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Election Integrity
important issues

Tip of the Hat to Steve Bannon’s War Room. Be sure to track the Arizona Audit LIVE at

Posted at One America News Network: “Arizona Audit Underway” By OAN Newsroom

Some of the 2.1 million ballots cast during the 2020 election, are brought in for recounting at a 2020 election ballot audit ordered by the Republican lead Arizona Senate at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 22, 2021. (Ross D. Franklin/AP Photo)

Posted at The Epoch Times: “Arizona AG Rejects Secretary of State’s Call for Probe of GOP-Led Maricopa County Vote Audit” By Tom Ozimek
“Arizona’s attorney general has rejected the state’s top election official’s call for an investigation into possible irregularities in a Republican-led audit of 2020 election results.”

Posted at Populist Press from the Washington Examiner: “Maricopa County auditor picked as ‘expert witness’ in Michigan 2020 election case” By Daniel Chaitin
“A judge in the ever-expanding Michigan case, which is also focused on the 2020 election, said on Monday that the Florida-based Cyber Ninjas will be allowed to offer a rebuttal to a report that reaffirmed that human error, not Dominion Voting Systems machine software, led to early tabulation errors in Antrim County.”

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “Cyber Ninjas Are Also Part of Team Refuting Secretary of State Benson’s Letter Claiming ‘Operator Error’ in Election Results in Antrim County, Michigan” By Joe Hoft

EXCLUSIVE: Voting Machine Systems Should Be Banned from US Elections Until the Highly Suspect “Adjudication Process” Is Defined and Corrected

Posted at Bannon’s War Room from CD Media: GA SoS Raffensperger’s War on Coffee County” By CD Media Staff
“…One of those counties that Raffensperger announced he would investigate is Coffee County. The problem with the announcement is that if there is anyone in the SOS office who wanted the truth they only needed to make one phone call to know there is nothing to investigate.”

Property Rights

Posted at Citizens Against Government Waste: “All Nations Must Respect and Protect Intellectual Property Rights” By Thomas Schatz
“…Rather than celebrating the unprecedented research, development, and investment made by pharmaceutical companies in combating the COVID-19 virus and its variants with highly effective and safe treatments and vaccines, there are elected officials in the U.S. and around the world who believe that these companies should not be fully compensated for the work they did.”

Economic Secession

Posted at Bannon’s War Room from CD Media: UPDATE: Online!” By CD Media Staff

Posted at Mises Institute: “Ross Benes on America’s Rural Rebellion” By Jeff Deist
“Politics degrades our lives in innumerable ways, from personal relationships to work to places of worship. Even sports and movies now seem to have become deeply politicized. The political class and political system in America appear intent on creating division and hatred rather than cooperation.”


Posted at Sara A. Carter: “VP Harris reportedly distributing her children’s book to migrant children in shelters” By Jenny Goldsberry

National Security

Posted at 45 Office – The Office of Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States: Statement Dated 04.19.2021
“If Joe Biden wants to keep our Country safe from Radical Islamic Terrorism, he should reinstitute the foreign country Travel Ban and all of the vetting requirements on those seeking admission that go with it, along with the refugee restrictions I successfully put in place. …”

Border Security

Posted at Biz Pace Review: “‘Nobody’s done more to enrich organized crime’: Border Patrol union president slams Biden on border security” By Mary Rose Corkery
“When you look at the first 100 days of this administration as evidenced by the numbers, nobody has done worse on border security than President Biden,” Judd said. “Nobody has put women and children under more danger than President Biden has.”


Posted at The Washington Free Beacon: “China Commissions Three Advanced Warships” By Jack Beyrer

“The Chinese naval buildup comes after a series of escalations from Beijing toward Taiwan, a democratic country and American ally. In March, China flew 54 flights into Taiwanese airspace and another 25 in early April. The aggressive behavior coincided with incursions into the South China Sea, including 220 ships landing within one of the U.S. Navy’s defense perimeters, leaving questions about the territorial security of Taiwan.”

Nuclear Iran

Posted at Townhall: “Calls for Kerry’s Resignation Mount After Bombshell Allegations Surface” By Reagan McCarthy
“Biden administration climate czar John Kerry, also a former Secretary of State in the Obama administration, is under fire for allegedly leaking information about Israel to the Iranian Foreign Minister. “

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “ANOTHER LEAKED AUDIO: John Kerry’s 2016 Meeting with Syrian “Revolutionaries” Pushing for US Bomb Attacks on Syria (AUDIO)” By Jim Hoft
“As reported on Monday — In a recently leaked audio, Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said then-Secretary of State John Kerry informed him about Israel’s covert operations in Syria.”

Posted at Just the News: “John Kerry denies telling Iranian foreign minister Israel attacked Iranian forces in Syria” By Alex Nitzberg

The Professor’s Newsreel


 Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “Is the World Economic Forum’s ‘Cyber Polygon 2020’ Predicting an Upcoming Internet Attack?” By Joe Hoft
In 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) conducted a simulation called “Cyber Polygon 2020” that predicted a coming global catastrophe caused by a worldwide “cyber pandemic.”

Economic Secession and the Conservative Economy
Economic Secession

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: Backtracking? After Denouncing GA Election Integrity Bill, Coca-Cola CEO Now Wants to Find “Common Ground”” By ProTrumpNews Staff

Posted at Just the News: “As corporations bow to left’s agenda, conservatives eye mass boycotts of woke brands” By Sophie Mann

Pro Trump America First Agenda

Posted at Citizen Free Press: “Boom! Governor Kemp has a republican challenger…” By Kane

A former Democrat state lawmaker who changed his party affiliation after endorsing Donald Trump, launched a bid to challenge Brian Kemp, one of Trump’s top Republican targets in the 2022 election cycle.

“The governor’s office has failed to fight for you and for me,” Jones said in Atlanta on Friday. “We’re in the midst of a battle that will determine the future of America and our great experiment known as democracy.”

Posted at The Gateway Pundit:How It’s Done: Trump Voter Wins Cobb County GOP Committeeman Then Replaces ALL of the GOP Board RINOs Who Refused to Serve With Him Because He’s Pro-Trump” By Joe Hoft

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “GOP Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Forms “America First Caucus” – Will Take On Voter Fraud, Big Tech” By ProTrumpNews Staff
The America First Caucus (AFC) exists to promote Congressional policies that are to the long-term benefit of the American nation. The North Star of any policy proposal will be that which serves the American people, and any consequential analysis of policy platforms must be based on this first principle.

Election Integrity

Posted at Just the News: “Arizona Senate on the verge of beginning major audit of Maricopa County ballots” By Daniel Payne

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “General Flynn Warns About Possible Threats from Antifa/BLM Interrupting the Audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election Results” by Joe Hoft

Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “EXCLUSIVE: Big Tech’s Google Is Targeting Arizona Maricopa County Audit – Not Allowing Requests for Volunteers Shared On Their Sites” By Joe Hoft
Censorship is not freedom of speech. It is the opposite.
This is something that never was fixed when the Republicans held the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. Wonder why? Big Tech has been targeting and censoring conservatives for years. These actions, which many believe are criminal and corrupt, hurt conservatives and prevent their messages from getting out in the public square. This is certainly not free speech. This is the prevention of free speech. You would think there would be wording in the US Constitution that would make this unlawful?

Political Persecution and Cancel Culture

Posted at Trending Politics: “Nunes Warns Spy Agencies Against Targeting Americans, ‘Particularly Republicans’” By Jonathan Davis

Posted at The Epoch Times: “Cancel Culture Is Part of Plot to Transform the Culture of America – Interview with Gene D’Agostino” By Joshua Philipp


Posted at One America News Network: “Rep. Malliotakis Slams Dems Over Court Packing Bill” By OAN Newsroom

Nuclear Iran

Posted at ZeroHedge: “Iran Obtains 60% Enriched Uranium Overnight In Alarming First” By Tyler Durden