Corporate Communists and the Rise of Corporate Fascism


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Additional Reading…

Posted at The Federalist: “Don’t Worry, It’s Just Corporate Fascism” By David Marcus
“Censorship can be committed by any institution, even by individuals if they have enough power.”

Posted at Adam Smith: “Fascism and communism: Two sides of the same coin”
“First they manipulate anniversaries, then they move to textbooks, and the slide gathers speed.”

Posted at The American Thinker: “The virus and protests have accelerated the corporate push for American fascism” By Andrea Widburg
“…guided by a massive influx of mid- and upper-level employees steeped in college Marxism, corporate America has decided that the government is its best friend and is working in concert with the media…”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Interesting how the YouTube account where the J.D. Vance interview, referenced in the above article by American Thinker, has been terminated.

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