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Lt. Governor Mark Robinson — Character and Courage

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson – American Patriot, Rising MAGA Rock Star

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson was among the most powerful speakers at the 2021 NC GOP Convention. He is an American patriot. His voice and message are powerful. Mark Robinson is a rising MAGA Rock Star.

Posted at The Republican Vote: “ NC Lt. Gov Mark Robinson Delivers ‘Fire in the Belly’ Speech Calling on Americans to “Run Toward Trouble”

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson: More Information and Contact Here

Support Lt. Governor Mark Robinson: Mark Robinson for NC

A New Generation of Pro-America Conservatives

Pro-America Conservatives

There is great hope in a new generation of rising Pro-America Conservatives. Tremendous hope in a much brighter future flows through them despite the dire circumstances of the present. They are bright stars, and shining lights in the world. Among those bringing us important political and social commentary are Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk. Their podcasts, programming, and websites are interesting and insightful. Please join in following and supporting their efforts and important endeavors. Their work promises to influence our national culture for years to come.

Candace Owens’ Episode 8 – The Road Ahead with President Donald J. Trump PODCAST LINKED HERE — Requires Login and absolutely worthwhile.

Charlie Kirk’s Breaking the Back of the Big Tech Oligarchy with Senator Josh Hawley PODCAST LINKED HERE

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“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” – Frederick Douglass