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Welcome to the Professor Preponomics Website. We hope you enjoy the articles, information, important news and resources developed for you here at Professor Preponomics, and that you will visit often. Here you’ll learn about how and why you need to live a prepared life, and we hope you’ll join in the journey. Understanding that each of us comes to preparedness from diverse backgrounds, with varying levels of experience, and with a unique set of resources, you’ll find that we try to develop something for everyone – and that we do our level best to encourage ongoing development and forward progress in every good endeavor!


Please Welcome Our Newest Affiliate – Legacy Food Storage

Food Storage

Legacy Food Storage

Food Storage

We are very pleased to welcome our newest affiliate, Legacy Food Storage! Legacy Food Storage carries emergency food, emergency preparedness and survival gear, water storage and filtration products, and fuel and energy items, including solar generators and lights. They also carry cooking stoves and ovens. While you’re making your prepper lists, be sure to include Legacy Food Storage as you plan your shopping.

Here’s a fantastic item that everyone needs: their 13-in-1 survival tool kit, which includes a multifunction tactical knife, paracord bracelet, credit card multi-tool, a tactical survival pen and much more, and comes in a black waterproof case. Get yours today… it’s only $29.95.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism is a safeguard, and the journalists who practice it in pursuit of the truth are our sentinels. Their work is often difficult, and sometimes dangerous. In these times, it is especially so – and yet these intrepid reporters persist. We’re thankful they do! Below you’ll find a sampling of 4 titles here at home page, and 13 excellent selections in the Reading Room. We hope you’ll support this work which – in a world overrun by corruption – is more important than ever before. By informing ourselves and others, exposing wrongdoing and hypocrisy, and demanding the accountability of leadership at every level, we can restore integrity to our Constitutional Republic. We thank you also for making your purchases through our Books-a-Million affiliate because these also support and make possible the work we do for you at Professor Preponomics.

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