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Welcome to the Professor Preponomics Website. We hope you enjoy the articles, information, important news and resources developed for you here at Professor Preponomics, and that you will visit often. Here you’ll learn about how and why you need to live a prepared life, and we hope you’ll join in the journey. Understanding that each of us comes to preparedness from diverse backgrounds, with varying levels of experience, and with a unique set of resources, you’ll find that we try to develop something for everyone – and that we do our level best to encourage ongoing development and forward progress in every good endeavor!

Professor Preponomics enjoys a life-long love of learning, and sharing that love of learning with others. Over the course of her life, she has lived and worked in many parts of these beautiful United States, and now calls Appalachia her home. Professor Preponomics has degrees in economics and sociology, and a deep personal interest in politics. Although she is not a “Professor” in the traditional academic sense, Professor Preponomics is unwaveringly committed to her own education, and to encouraging the same in others. 

The Professor loves reading and writing, and has been both a creative and a technical writer with peer-reviewed publications. She credits her own mother’s love of learning, commitment to teaching, and unique individual talents to the development of her own gifts. 

The Professor and her extraordinary husband are the parents of two wonderful sons, both of whom are greatly loved, and a delightful daughter-in-law. Together they believe in home based education, are libertarian-leaning MAGA conservatives who support the United States Constitution, and are Believers in Christ. The family lives a “preparedness lifestyle” in a delightful mountain community where they maintain a robust and bountiful garden, and care for their livestock. 

The Professor’s hobbies include quilting, weaving, the dyeing of fiber, historic alternative photo processes, and astronomy.

Welcome to Enjoy the site, it’s opinion pieces, tutorials, and news coverage. The work to make this site possible is done with the hope that you are inspired in every good way to be ever more engaged in life with a commitment to liberty — as an individual, within your family and community, and as part of human civilization.